Packer Tree Service Racine

Stump Grinding and Removal Overview

Stump removal can be done in two ways. The first method is by using a medium backhoe to remove the stump as well as its roots. This technique is almost never used in a residential property due to the possible damage it can cause the surrounding area. The other method we use is stump grinding which is much cheaper and causes less to no damage to the surrounding landscape that is why most of our clients choose this option. With grinding, we use one of our Vermeer grinders to reduce the size of the stump until it is no longer visible on level ground- ideally 5-7 inches below the soil. With this depth, new plantings such as grass can be planted over the location of the stump to restore its former look. 

Every stump varies in its level of challenge to grind. Some stumps are easier to grind while others take more effort and time. This is due to the difference in maturity, species, and size of the stump. Regardless of the situation, Packer Tree Service can get rid of the stump using our expertise and set of skills. Mature conifers, like Spruce and Hemlock, are the easiest to ground, while Hickory and cherry are some of the most difficult species to ground. Whatever the size, age, and type of stump, we can grind it using our Vermeer grinders.

How We Grind Stumps

We follow a standard process when performing stump grinding services. This procedure includes: 

  • With the help of a rack and a shovel, we will get rid of any debris, including twigs, leaves, and stones around the location of the stump, to ensure safe and efficient stump grinding.
  • By then, we can already bring sour stump grinder into action by placing it 1 to 2 inches above the stump and begin the grinding process. 
  • We will allow the grinder to move backward and forward over the stump until we have reduced it to 5-7 inches below the ground. 
  • The procedure ends with us making sure the site is free from tree particles and wood chips. We can use the wood chips as mulch or compost. We can even replant the site with seed or sod, for an added cost. 

It is normal for us to take thirty to ninety minutes to completely grind the stump depending on its type, size, and age. The process of stump grinding can cause too much dirt, but Packer Tree Service will make it look effortless and seamless. Also, if you have multiple stumps in your yard, we can give you discount rates as well as discounts on several tree service purchases.

    Stump Grinding Cost

    The cost for stump grinding generally ranges from $50 for the small stumps and $500 for the larger ones. It is natural for us to charge more for larger stumps because we need to exert much effort and time to grind it. We also take into consideration the location of the stump. The price can drive up if the stump is located in hard to access areas. Nonetheless, we can assure you that whatever the circumstances, we can ground that stump and bring back your landscape’s curb appeal.