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Tree Removal Racine, WI

If there is one service that our clients mostly request from us, that would be tree removal. We consider tree elimination the most challenging and complicated tree care we perform. Although tree removal is not rocket science, it demands experience and the right equipment. Packer Tree Service has removed all trees in the local area since our establishment. No tree is too hard to remove for our team of tree specialists. Whatever the size, age, and species of your tree, we can take it down efficiently and safely. You only have to give us a call, and we will be there on your doorstep, ready to provide our service. 

Our standard operating procedure always begins with one of our tree specialists visiting your property for a free onsite assessment of the tree to be removed and to offer you a firm verbal quote. We will use that time to evaluate the site to see whether we can easily use our equipment to access the tree or, if you request, simply climb the tree. Once you agree to the verbal quote, we can immediately follow up with a written quote sent via email, outlining the service’s details, our insurance and license information, and the cost of the service. By then, we can already set a schedule as to when we can remove the tree. 

The Tree Removal Process- Efficient and Affordable

As part of our SOP, one of our representatives will give you a call on the day of the scheduled tree removal to confirm our arrival. We give ourselves a one to two-hour window time for our arrival because we want to make sure our previous client is delighted with our work. 

The actual process of tree removal kicks off with our foreman designating particular tasks for our team members. Our team consists of a ground service crew, chipper, lead cutter, and branch cutter. We follow a systematic process of dislimbing the tree. We start with the crown and work our way down to the trunk. We will cut the tree one limb at a time, whether with our heavy equipment or by climbing the tree. Rest assured that we will cut each branch into 3-foot logs, which is the ideal height for cutting firewood. We will go on with the process until we are down with only 10 to 15 feet of the trunk. The process of tree removal ends with us cutting the main trunk to a level ideal for grinding, or we can cut it to a level of your request. You can be confident that throughout tree removal, our ground service crew will take care of the site and haul tree limbs and other tree debris away. 

Once we are done with tree removal, you have a choice whether to have the stump ground or removed. If you choose to have it ground, we can reduce it as close to the ground as possible until it is no longer visible. Our Vermeer stump grinder can ground even the most stubborn stump, so leave the job to us. 

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team when you need efficient and affordable tree service in Racine, WI.

    Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team when you need efficient and affordable tree care service.

    Residential Tree Removal

    When it comes to residential tree removal, our company stands out for our commitment to safety, affordability, and professionalism. Understanding the unpredictability of tree limb and branch damage, especially in emergencies, we offer solutions tailored to each homeowner’s needs without compromising quality. 

    We’re not just another tree removal service; we prioritize your safety and satisfaction, ensuring the cost reflects the value and care you receive. During an emergency, our crew is prepared to tackle any taskTrust us to provide affordable, efficient, and reliable tree removal services that keep your property safe and aesthetically pleasing.

    Commercial Tree Removal

    In the realm of commercial tree removal, our professional tree removal service stands unparalleled, offering comprehensive solutions that extend beyond mere tree cutting to include root removal. We understand the unique needs of businesses and commercial properties, aiming to minimize disruption while maximizing safety and aesthetic appeal. 

    Unlike typical cheap tree removal options, our approach combines affordability with exceptional expertise, ensuring that every project is executed with precision and care. From towering trees that dominate skylines to intricate root systems that threaten foundations, our team is equipped to handle challenges of any scale, delivering results that satisfy the stringent demands of commercial clients. Trust us for efficient, effective, and professional tree and root removal services. Call our tree experts today.