Packer Tree Service Racine

Why Trim a Tree?

Although tree removal is our most requested service, we believe that trimming should also be. Well-trimmed trees are the healthiest and the most beautiful trees. Sadly, not every homeowner knows its importance and neglects this area of tree care. Trees that are never trimmed can quickly lose their symmetry and eventually gets a decline in health. They also often become hazardous in the long run. Trees should be trimmed every 4 to 8 years to keep their health and shape, especially if they have dead or diseased limbs. 

Anyone can learn the know-how of tree trimming, but only the experienced and professionals can expertly trim a tree without causing harm to its health. For this reason, tree trimming should be done by experts.

Tree Trimming Racine

We adhere to the rigorous standards set by Arbor Day Foundation when we perform tree trimming. We plan each cut and make sure never to trim too close to the main trunk. Rest assured that your tree will not suffer from over-trimming because we use only the right and effective trimming techniques. 

When you call us for our tree trimming service, we will take headstart with one of our representatives visiting your property to assess the tree to be trimmed. We will determine the challenges or any hazardous situation so we can make sure we will finish the job safely. We will walk you through the process of trimming and let you know about the equipment we will use. Then, we will offer you a verbal quotation followed by a written one via e-mail, indicating the essential details of the job, including our license and insurance information and of course, the pricing for the job. We will then decide on the best date for us to trim the tree. In most of our trimming services, we usually have one main trimmer and one to two ground-service staff who will be responsible for making sure the safety and cleanliness in your landscape are observed. Throughout the process, we will make sure to keep the work site clean and organized.

Tree Trimming Pricing

Similar to our tree removal pricing, the cost of tree trimming largely depends on three important factors:

Tree Size- When a tree is large, it usually follows that we will need to use equipment to cut its branches efficiently. It will also require more labor on our part, which will lead to higher cost for the service.

    Tree Location- If a tree is near a power line, a building, or a house, it will be challenging for our team to trim the tree to ensure public safety as well as to avoid damaging the structures, thus, the higher the cost of the service.

    Tree Species- Multiple-trunked trees can be difficult to trim due to their leaning trunks.

    Most importantly, the extent of how much the tree needs to be trimmed impacts the total cost of tree trimming. For example, an overgrown tree will require more trimming than a tree that is regularly pruned. Generally, tree trimming ranges from $200 to more than $1000.